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Narrative History of the 2000s

2000 - Lisa Covi is elected as a Program Director and receives National DSK

2001 - Foundation is created, C-Book and KDS Scholarship are handed over to the Foundation.

2001 - Kappa receives the District Award of Merit from For Pitt District, Greater Pittsburgh Council of the BSA for all we've done to help the boy scouts through the years.

November, 2001 - Kappa receives a proclamation from Governor Tom Ridge (even though he was the head of Homeland Security by then...) congratulating us on our services to the Pittsburgh community. (it was supposed to be a proclamation declaring "Service Week" in Pennsylvania, but I'm not going to complain)

2002 - Tom Strong is elected as Region V Director

2002 - Dave O'Leary receives National DSK

April, 2003 - Fire Marshall Bob says we can't cook in a tent, Kappa is back to building a concession stand for Spring Carnival.

On January 1st, 2004 Section 62 expands to include the northern panhandle of West Virgina.

On July 1st, 2004 Section 62 becomes Sections 65 (West) and 66 (East). Kappa is now a part of Section 66.

This web site is maintained by Tom Strong (K-1030) <tomstrong@gmail.com>. Please send him any suggestions, comments, updates, or corrections you may have for it.

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