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Narrative History of the 1930s

A National Convention was held at the Jefferson Hotel in St. Louis, MO March 1-2, 1931. Carlton G. Lewis chaired the ritual committee. At that convention Carl J. Long was elected as Deputy Supreme Grand Master (H. Roe Bartle from Iota Chapter was elected as Supreme Grand Master). C. G. Lewis was elected as one of the trustees, the other two were Everett W. Probst from Alpha and R. J. Erikson from Eta.

On December 7th, 1932 James R. Rone of Mu Chapter at Indiana University became the 1000th Brother of Alpha Phi Omega.

In 1933 the coat of arms of the fraternity was changed to the design used toay, previously trefoils took the place of the torches and fleurs-de-lis that currently appear.

In 1939 a new, standardized pledge button was introduced at a cost of $0.25 each.

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