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Narrative History of the 1990s

In 1990 Beta Chapter is reactivated and Kappa Chapter receives the Ellsworth S. Dobson Certificate of Merit for providing leadership in reestablishing Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Pittsburgh.

On February 5. 1990 ground was broken for a new national headquarters for Alpha Phi Omega in Independence, MO. The staff moved into the building in late September and formal dedication ceremonies were held on November 17, 1990.

In spring 1990 Section 63 is officially divided into Sections 62 and 64. (Kappa is now in Section 62) Tim Clougherty is elected as the first Section 62 Chairman.

In November, 1996 Port Authority transit introduces a new airport shuttle bus, Kappa discontinues the Shuttle Bus project after its last run in spring 1996. (Magic Bus continues)

In the early 1990s (date?) Carnegie Mellon finishes building and Kappa moves into the football concession stand at the new Gesling Stadium.

In the mid-1990s (date?) Kappa stops building a concession stand during Spring Carnival and instead rents a large tent to house the concession stand. This saves several days of effort during a very busy time of the year.

In the summer of 1994 Carnegie Mellon finally tears down Skibo, our office moves from the Skibo basement to the former Navy building (renamed the Student Center).

In the spring of 1996 Kappa is one of the chapters hosting the Section 62/64 Conference at Carnegie Mellon. Tom Strong is elected as Section 62 Chairman.

In the summer of 1996 Carnegie Mellon finished the construction of the new University Center and Kappa Chapter moved into our new office in room 303C.

In spring 1997 Kappa received the man-mile award at the Section 62/64 Conference at Gannon University

On December 30, 1996 at the National Convention Kappa Chapter received the M. R. Disborough Service to Scouting Award.

Somewhere in the late 1990s Book Exchange ends.

In the late 1990s Kappa contracts out the C-Book advertising sales to a commissioned salesman.

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