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Kappa Brothers

There are three main indexes to this area - lists of Brothers by name, by date, and by number on the chapter roll. Each of those pages contains links to a page for each Brother.
If you have not done so already please take a moment to fill out our Brother Info Sheet. It is available as either a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF File.
I am currently recording the following information for each Brother, where it applies:
1Chapter Number
2National Number
3Life Member Number"Yes" if life member but number unknown
4DateInitiation date, transfer date, etc.
5PrefixDr., Dean, Prof., etc.
6Given Name(s)
11Membership ClassBlank for Active
12Membership SubclassType of Advisor
13Date of BirthNot shown on the web
14Date of Death"Yes" if deceased but date unknown
15Transferred FromChapter letters
16Transferred ToChapter letters
17Place of BirthNot shown on the web
18Date Arrived at CMU
19Cross-ReferenceLinking duplicate entries
20Date Transferred Out
21Advisor/Honorary Job Title
22Date Became an AdvisorFor those who first were active, "Yes" if date not known
27Class of
28Scouting Background
29Other Activities
33-36Big Brother(s)
Additional InformationCareer, Family, Extended Biography, etc.

Eventually I hope to add more detailed biographical information and pictures of the Brothers where they are available. If you have any information that you would like to submit I would be happy to make any updates or corrections that might be necessary.

This web site is maintained by Tom Strong (K-1030) <tomstrong@gmail.com>. Please send him any suggestions, comments, updates, or corrections you may have for it.

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