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Narrative History of the 1980s

On February 3, 1988 Angela Clements of Kappa Iota Chapter at Hanover College became the 200,000th Brother of Alpha Phi Omega.

In the late 1980s Carnegie Mellon tears down the old stadium and starts construction of the new parking garage and Resnik and West Wing dorms. What happened to the football concessions during this time?

The Fall, 1989 Pledge Class was named in honor of Carl J. Long, the founder of Kappa Chapter.

The Kappa Cheer (K-A-P-P-A Kappa Chapter Fuckin' A.) was invented after the '84 convention, the brothers who were there thought we should have for future conventions. Kathleen Romanik came up with it, and it was approved by the chapter (from Milton).

Scout day started in 1984 (according to Milton).

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