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Narrative History of the 1920s

From the APO national History Book:
"On April 29. 1929 in the Faculty Room of the Carnegie Inn, an installation was held, following a banquet, and Kappa Chapter was established at Carnegie Institute of Technology at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Professor B. C. Dennison was installation official. He was also Advisor. The Scouting Advisor was Associate Scout Executive T. J. Price, Pittsburgh. The officers elected were Carl J. L. Long, Grand Master; Richard D. Wayne, Depury Grand Master; H. C. Herbert, Grand Scribe; and Edward J. Dattisman, Grand Treasurer. The charter members were Carl J. L. Long, Richard D. Wayne, H. C. Herbert, Edward J. Dattisman, Harvey Shaughency, Edward P. Noble, E. H. Taylor, Cyril Belusar, H. F. Siefers, and D. R. Beech. A very good pledge ritual was developed by Kappa Chapter."

From the March, 1930 Lightbearer, P. 3-4
2. Installation of Kappa Chapter.
Kappa Chapter, one of the most active and efficient chapters also started with a banquet and installation, at the Faculty Room of Carnegie Innn, Monday evening, April 4, 1929. Chapter officers of Beta Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh were guests.
Carl J. W. Long, Grand Master and junior in the electrical engineering department started the Chapter. The installation was made by Professor B. C. Dennison, Supreme Council Representative, Faculty Advisor and Professor in the electrical engineering Department. T. J. Price, Associate Executive, BSA at Pittsburgh is also an honorary member and advisor.
The officers elected were Carl J. W. Long, Grand Master, Richard D. Wayne, Deputy Grand Master, H. C. Herbert, Grand Scribe, and Ed. J. Dattisman, Grand Treasurer. Other members of the chapter present as charter members were: Harvey Shaughency, Edward P. Knoble, E. H. Taylor, Cyril Belusar, H. K. Siefers, D. R. Beech.
A very good pledge ritual has been developed and information may be received through Alpha Phi Omega, Central office or Carl J. W. Long, G.M., 55 Scout St., Mt. Oliver Branch, Pittsburgh, Pa. One of the duties of a pledge is to pass a written examination and received a grade of 85% on the following:
1. Give the place, date of founding, and name of the founder of the National Fraternity.
2. Quote the object of the fraternity.
3. Give the names and titles of national officers.
4. Give the names and titles of chapter officers.
5. Give the date of the founding of the chapter and name all of the charter members.
6. Give the Greek letter names and locations of all active chapters.

Kappa Chapter won the National Scholarship Cup of Alpha Phi Omega for the year 1929-1930.

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