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Narrative History of the 1970s

In 1970 astronaut James Lovell, Jr. of Beta Theta Chapter at the University of Wisconsin - Madison took Alpha Phi Omega's insignia into orbit around the earth and moon.

A note from Jonathan Dwork about Operation 1976:

Members of operation 1976 where Kappa chapter through a large survey
of all chapters figured out how to word a motion to allow women to be
full members.  You want something of note for the chapter...
      K-0622 - Jonathan Dwork - February 1, 1976
  (started operation and did computer survey)
      K-0624 - Deborah A. Neft - February 1, 1976 (Affiliateat the time)
      K-0625 - Ernest Prescott - February 1, 1976
(both were delegates to 1976 convention and got change)
In the early 1970s some female Brothers were initiated as Affiliate members, the national convention in 1976 converted them all to Active Brothers.

On December 3, 1977 Ronald DeCamp of Phi Epsilon Chapter at the Maine Maritime Academy became the 150,000th Brother of Alpha Phi Omega.

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