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Service Vice-President

Joanne Lawton f81 s82
Kathy Cokely
Karen Thorne
Kathleen Romanik s83 f83
Gordon Fair s84
Mark Abramowitz
Chris Walton s86 f86
Sparky Cavalier s87 f87
Jenni Severa s88 f88
Conrad Zapanta s89 f89
Mary Campbell s90
Ross Comer f90
Joe Hendershot s91
Nate Szewczyk f92
Tracee Imai s93 (until she became President - who took over as SVP?)
David Lawrence f94
Steve Miller s95 f95 (first half)
Pete Wilcox f95 (second half) s96
Aiton Goldman f96
Bryan Nagy s97 f97
Becky Connor s98
Heather Devine f98
Roxanne Grebey s99 (first half)
Terri Lacombe s99 (second half)
Toni Lawrence f99
Heather Devine s00
Terri Lacombe f00
Josh Grim s01
Matt Fagan f01
Chaitra Hakkal s02
Rick Smith f02
Erik Andraessen s03 f03
Allison Peebles s04
Katie Strausser f04
Meaghan Myers s05
Mike Kelly f05 (until he resigned)
Xander Veerhoff f05 (second half) s06
Scott Smith f06
Erica Pratt s07 f07

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