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Membership Vice-President

Membership Vice-President

Jane Ivanschultz s81 f81 Barry Franzoi s83 f83 Joe Guarino f83 f84 dave o'leary s85 Rich Moroney f85 Rob Wang s86 Tim Clougherty f86 Lori Calkins s87 Ron Manilla f87 Sarah Gaffen s88 Karen Carnathan f88 Laura Schick s89 John Silvestri f89 Dug Rosengard s90 Meg Veily f90 Ross Comer s91 Rick Francis s92 (?) Mike Pinck f92? (also FVP) Christa Houlahan f94 Charlotte Yano s95 (resigned) Trevor Schadt s95 (took over) Ben Kutler f95 Dana Antill s96 (resigned) Jen Gray s96 (took over) f96 Laura Valentine s97 Julie Dunn f97 Christa Houlahan s98 Shafeeq Sinnamohideen f98 Michael Creegan s99 Kevin Haughwout f99 Chaitra Hakkal s00 (Kevin Haughwout was elected but resigned before taking office) Mason Kincaid f00 John Barr s01 f01 Josh Grim s02 Elizabeth Durfee f02 Christina Prewsted s03 Lisa Gentry f03 Erik Andraessen s04 Alison Peebles f04 Katie Strausser s05 Eli Gwynn f05 Cara Heller s06 f06 Jenna Pragel s07 Xander Veerhoff f07

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