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Fellowship Vice-President

Jordan Nash f81 s82
Dave O'Leary s84
Dave Kopchik s85
Vinny Bocchino f85
Harvey Shaw s86?
Ron Manila f86?
Robin Wang s87?
Paul Delano s88
Harriet Kupferman f88
Steve Baier s89
Rudy Zung f89
Mike Balsam f90 (part of the semester)
Dan Casey f90 s91
Connie Wai
Fred Trudwig s92
Mike Pinck f92?
Amy McGovern ?93 (part of the term)
Lynne Powell ?93 (after Amy)
Marybeth Griffin f94 s95
Ben Cordes f95
Aiton Goldman s96
Damien Dixon f96
John Meier s96 f97
Laura Valentine s98
Lawrence Solomon f98
Toni Lawrence s99
Daniel Hannum f99
Chuck Werner s00
Heather Devine f00
Daisy Church s01
Karolina Werner f01
Elizabeth Durfee s02
Marta DePaul f02
Lisa Gentry s03
Divya Jesuraj f03
Claire Wagner s04
Eli Gwynn f04
Mike Kelly s05
Stefanie Sydlik f05
James Auwaerter s06
Peter Madsen f06
Emma Cating s07
Nick Heckman f07

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