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About the Numbers

Every Brother of Alpha Phi Omega is now assigned two numbers upon their initiation, they are the Brother's roll number in the chapter and nationally. In addition, those who register as Life Members are assigned yet another number for that, and Brothers who later become involved with another chapter will be assigned a roll number there as well.
In order to help distinguish Brothers with similar names I have used the Chapter roll number throughout this web site, in fact it's even the primary key used for data retreival behind the scenes. There are a few cases where I need to list people who are either not yet Brothers or have become Brothers (or become a part of the Chapter) so recently as to not have a Chapter roll number yet. In those cases I have assigned temporary numbers according to the following pattern:
TBA## - Recent Initiates awaiting their numbers
PL## - Current Pledge Members
TX## - Transfer members from other Chapters
XX## - Others who are included for one reason or another
When the numbers are used I've prefixed them with 'K-' as an indication that those are the Kappa Chapter roll numbers.
Through the years there have been a few numbers assigned more than once, a few Brothers who were assigned more than one number, and a few who appear to have never received numbers at all.
In the cases where the same number was assigned more to more than one person I have appended an 'A' to the number the second time around. This is not reflected in any official records, it is just a way to uniquely identify each person by their number.
I have dealt with the cases where Brothers have been assigned more than one number by always using the original number for all biographical information and reducing the second number to just be a pointer back to the original one.
Here's the list of those who fall into one of the above categories:
Numbers K-0583 to K-0586 were assigned twice
K-0583 Lee B. Fleisher
K-0584 John Holobinko, Jr.
K-0585 Frank H. Rex, Jr.
K-0586 Mark O. Sampsell
K-0583A Lawrence J. Albert
K-0584A Robert E. Carter, Jr.
K-0585A Chris D. Fostel
K-0586A Donald W. Gregg

Numbers K-0890 to K-0899 were assigned twice
K-0890 James A. Meacham, II
K-0891 Catherine M. Moncada
K-0892 Christopher E. Newell
K-0893 John W. Bohlman
K-0894 Karen G. Carnathan
K-0895 JoAnn Cirra
K-0896 Cheryl L. Cullers
K-0897 Karen Y. Daly
K-0898 Phillip E. Daly
K-0899 Curtis G. Equi
K-0890A Randolph J. Finder
K-0891A Edward W. Glazer
K-0892A Theresa L. Hartsell
K-0893A Jeanette H. Ho
K-0894A Jack Kalvan
K-0895A Jamshid Mahdavi
K-0896A Karl M. Mueller
K-0897A John Gardiner Myers
K-0898A John A. Palm III
K-0899A Diane M. Pickle

There have been several Brothers registered multiple times
K-0037 and K-0117 "Professor Dennison" (honorary) -
 don't know much about this one, it was a while ago :-)
K-0602 and K-0648 C. S. Robinson (active twice) -
 apparently done intentionally - she was the first female brother, later
 registration (after women were admitted legally) is C. Susan Robinson.
K-0790 and K-1073 Albert Caretto (advisor twice)
K-0918 and K-1076 David Svoboda (active then advisor)
K-0963 and K-1075 David Lee (active then advisor)
K-1023 and K-1074 Patricia Harned (advisor twice)
K-1090 and K-1204 Marybeth Griffin (active then advisor)
There may be others that are registered multiple times, but those are
the only ones I've found so far.

Three Brothers from 1932 had not been registered nationally and had
been all but forgotten until their applications were discovered and it
was found that they did not appear in the national records.  In 2003
this was corrected and they were assigned the next numbers on the
chapter roll.
K-1262 John Ernest Soyring
K-1263 George P. Wasmuth, Jr.
K-1264 Ira M. Williamson
They are the last Brothers recorded for almost two years which leads
one to believe that there are others who were not registered in that
time.  There is no other paperwork that would help to identify those
Brothers if they exist.

K-0036 is missing - I can find K-0001 through
K-0035, and there's some indication for K-0037 filed
with K-0117, but I could not find any record at all for

This web site is maintained by Tom Strong (K-1030) <tomstrong@gmail.com>. Please send him any suggestions, comments, updates, or corrections you may have for it.

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