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Leadership In Service Award

The Leadership in Service award is intended to express the chapter's appreciation for a member of Kappa Chapter judged to have gone above and beyond his or her responsibilities and duties in contributing to the chapter's service program during their time as a Brother of the Chapter.

Terri Lacombe (K-1177) - May 4, 2001

Citation is missing. If anyone has a copy please send it to me so that it can be included.

James Raskob (K-1192) - December 7, 2001

Over the last three years, James Raskob has become a reliable figure in Kappa Chapter service projects, providing resources in various capacities, from eagerly participating brother to major project chair. In his office as Historian he served the chapter as a _constant_ camera presence, as well as an extra pair of helping hands. As Sergeant at Arms, he provided consistent and unwavering support to projects and officers alike, as well as chairing several successful and enjoyable rituals. Finally, as Concessions Chair, he has truly shone, picking up where Mason left off, he has taken an organized project and turned it into a well-oiled machine.

In all, James has been both a leader and a supporter of this chapter.

Joshua Grim (K-1184) - May 3, 2002

In his first year of the chapter, Josh Grim stepped up to fill a vacant office, and served as one of the chapter's most enthusiastic Corresponding Secretaries. The next semester, he served as chapter President. This was also the first semester he attended an A Phi O conference (Regionals) and began an illustrious career as Kappa's Inter-Chapter Go-To Man. Upon completing his tenure, he served two-terms as Sergeant-at-Arms. Since then, he has officiated at numerous ceremonies, representing Kappa in other chapters' ceremonies.

Last Spring, Josh stepped up to fill the office of Service Vice President. becoming a staple at service events, especially during Rush. When he gave out awards at the end of the semester, he had to include himself in the 100+ hours club.

When the chapter was awarded the Regional Conference, Josh volunteered to chair the event. He utilized his experience with other chapters to pull off an event that everyone enjoyed.

Today, he still continues to serve the chapter as Membership Vice President. By now he has hit double digits in the number of conferences that he has attended. Josh will continue to serve the chapter while he is a PhD student in the next few (or many) years.

Lynna Quandt (K-1195) - December 6, 2002

Since her pledging during the spring of her freshman year Lynna Quandt has exemplified leadership under pressure in going above and beyond in contributing to Kappa chapter's service program and more specifically Kappa chapter's rich and fulfilling scouting program. Her involvement started in the spring of 1999 while she was still a pledge. In the next couple years, this brother took on leadership roles in the chapter as Alumni Relations Coordinator and being PledgeMaster to a wonderful crop of brothers in Fall of 2000. But as much as she has contributed to the chapter through her roles as an officer, her biggest contribution was through her involvement in scouting projects.

Over the years Lynna has participated in trips to boy scout camps which involved building cabins, roofing shelters, and camp cleanups to name a few. In addition, she has taken on major roles in major projects such as being registrar for SCIP day and MBU. Finally, for the past two years she has been chair of SCIP day and put in hundred of hours on this project even with the increase workload of a senior/graduate student. She has shown strong leadership, including delegating tasks and training brothers to fill her roles (although we can never replace her). Over the past two years, she has elevated SCIP by doubling the number of students attending to over 400 and making this event a national event bringing in students from multiple states. In addition, because of her efforts the chapter received the Golden Triangle award from the Girl Scouts of SouthWestern Pennsylvania (GSSWPA) for this single event and its impact throughout the Girl Scout community.

She has lead by example and dedication to the service program during her 4 years of service.

Michelle Birchak (K-1242) - May 3, 2002

Michelle has stepped up to a great deal of leadership in the chapter and done this entirely on their own initiative. As a new brother, Michelle took the unusual step of chairing a major chapter project in her first active semester, and has done so with great aplomb. She leads Concessions committee with a great deal of respect and consideration for its members and always represents the interests of the brotherhood and the committee when dealing with outsiders. She has revolutionized our concessions work from a one-brother job to a functioning and active committee. Michelle has worked tirelessly to ensure good relations with Carnival Committee, despite strong opposition from its leadership. Thanks to her tireless efforts, Kappa was well represented during difficult discussions with Carnival Committee and Carnival Concessions was a great success for the brotherhood. All this was despite the need for the brotherhood to build a booth at the last minute instead of utilizing a tent. Most importantly, she has done all of this unselfishly and with a smile on her face. Anyone who has worked with her is well aware of her ability to turn lemons into lemonade. This skill was recognized outside the chapter as well, as Carnival Committee recently elected her to be the overall Chair of Carnival Committee.

This is far above and beyond her job as concessions chair and an active brother. Everything she has done, she has done so with the future of our fraternity as foremost in her mind.

Rick Smith (K-1222) - December 6, 2003

This semester's winner of the Leadership In Service Award joined Kappa in the Spring of 2001, and immediately went above and beyond by completing over 120 hours of service as a pledge. The following semester as a new brother, he was slated to help the Magic Bus chair, but when that person was unable to continue in that position, this new brother stepped up and successfully chaired one of the Chapter's largest service projects. The following semester, he did it again while also holding the offices of CorSec and Historian. During his time as a brother he has chaired numerous smaller projects as well, ranging from tabling for charities to organizing trips to Animal Rescue League. In the fall of 2002 he held the office of Service Vice President, during which time he researched new projects and fostered increased motivation for Service. Most recently, he has taken on responsibility for handling the 75th anniversary celebration, and is writing a book that contains all 75 years of Kappa Chapter history. And for all of these reasons, Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is exceedingly pleased to name Rick Smith winner of the Fall 2003 Leadership in Service Award.

Stephen Mandzak (K-1245) - May 1, 2004

This semester's winner of the Leadership In Service Award joined Kappa in the Fall of 2002, and since then has been consistently impressive in his unflagging support of the chapter's service program. In addition to serving as concessions chair and Sergeant at Arms, this brother is always behind the scenes making things happen, whether it be helping brothers get to the store to buy supplies for an event, lending a hand when someone is short handed, or ironing out problems with Student Activities. Without any expectation of or request for recognition, he finds joy in service, and thus encourages others to serve as well. So, Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is extremely pleased to name Stephen Mandzak winner of the Spring 2004 Leadership in Service Award.

Erik Andreassen - December 11, 2004

Katie Strausser - April 30, 2005

Jim Kerchenfaut - December 9, 2005

The Leadership in Service Award goes to a brother who has gone above and beyond their in dedication to the chapter. Through service in chapter offices, spending countless hours working with brothers and pledges, and continuously striving to better the chapter this brother exemplifies Leadership in Service. While in the chapter this brother has held numerous offices, positions of authority calling for dedication and great organization. This brothers leadership has extended outside of his offices, and into the daily working of the brotherhood, always sparing a moment for each and every brother, active or not. Supporting the brotherhood by leading through example the Leadership in Service Award goes to Jim Kerchenfaut. His work in the chapter will continue to grow.

Melitta Andersen - May 5, 2006

Leadership in Service is intended to express the chapter's appreciation for a member of Kappa Chapter judged to have gone above and beyond their responsibilities and duties in contributing to the chapter's service program. This brother has done this, and much more during their entire duration of time at Kappa Chapter. From the moment this brother became a pledge they were continuously striving to go above and beyond the required duties of a brother. They are always around to help a fellow brother, and lend a hand in almost any capacity. This brother has expressed leadership not only in the many chapter offices, but in the day-to-day running and service of the chapter. This semester we are proud to award the Leadership in Service award to Melitta Andersen.

Claire Wittich - Dec 8, 2006

Cara Heller - May 4, 2006

Though this brother has not held as many positions as our recent recipients have, she has grown into being a very effective leader through slightly different means. By reaching out to people individually and focusing on membership rather than administration, she has used her leadership to build the brotherhood of the chapter. In her role of Membership Vice President she was able to bring the perspective of those not usually on the executive committee to the office, allowing her to have a better sense of what would benefit the brotherhood as a whole. She made family dinners more regular and planned a retreat that encouraged fellowship, service, and strengthening of the ties of brotherhood As Pledgemaster she organized a successful rush, and, more importantly, has been able to form a trusting relationship with her pledges in addition to attending to their education. Also, throughout her time spent in leadership positions in the chapter, she has contacted people individually when she thought they would be good for a committee, chairmanship, or general collaborator. In essence, she is an organized, personable brother who leads through a focus on people to strengthen the brotherhood in any way she can. Though major project chairing and administration are very important methods of leadership, the leading of people is also important, and it is in this that she excels to the great benefit of the chapter. We are proud to present this semester's Leadership in Service award to Cara Heller.

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