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Fellowship In Service Award

The Fellowship In Service Award is intended to show the chapter's appreciation for a member of Kappa Chapter judged to have exhibited and promoted a pleasant and friendly atmosphere during service events and other chapter functions during their time as a Brother of the Chapter.

Karolina Werner (K-1219) - May 4, 2001

Ever since her pledging she has been the constant example of fellowship and displayed an infectious excitement in her everyday interaction with the brotherhood. Her constant enthusiasm draws others into the fun whether she is buying a pledge dinner, the entire chapter pizza, or brainstorming at a committee meeting. At chapter events she always brings an enlivening spark, encouraging others with her pleasant and lively manner.

John Barr (K-1205) - December 7, 2001

As Membership Vice President for these two semesters, John Barr has demonstrated excellent leadership skills to nourish fellowship among the brothers. John has made extraordinary effort in ensuring all brothers are doing well in and out of chapter activities. John has organized many events such as A Phi O Meets A Phi O and Thanksgiving Dinner, that allow brothers to get to know each other better and work with each other to sustain our goals in the fraternity. He has expertly addressed issues in the chapter, going above his role as Membership VP and always available for advice. He stepped up to lighten the load on others, especially with Concessions and Pledge education.

Lee Sheng (K-1231) - May 3, 2002

As a new brother, Lee Sheng has demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to the chapter's programs. He has proved to be a valuable resource for the Vice-Presidents when trying to find project chairs. Lee has continuously stepped up to chair various small service and fellowship events and has been a valuable member of Fellowship Committee. He has become a regular organizer of random gatherings to promote fellowship of the brothers through non-chapter sponsored events.

Erik Andraessen (K-1232) - December 6, 2002

Since he was a pledge, Erik Andreassen has shown leadership by chairing projects and is one of the chapter leaders in service hours. He went over and above his pledge class project by serving on Merit Badge University Committee, and he continues to sit on the committee a year later. He has accepted a great deal of responsibility, acting as a go-between from the chapter to the Boy Scouts and representing the chapter to the troops. This brother took initiative this year by chairing the pop-tabs project, transforming it from fairly simple event to a campus-wide event. He prepares meticulously, arrives early and stays late, and is a wonderful example of what a brother should be.

While Erik excels at service, he has exemplified the spirit of fellowship at service events and in the chapter as a whole. He clearly enjoys doing service and his enthusiasm encourages others to do service and enlivens any event, making it fun for all involved. His silly hat at Concessions is just one small example of this. Beyond his enthusiasm, he encourages others to take part and ensures that people are involved and know what do, even during the intense experience of Concessions.

Erik consistently attends Dinner with Alpha Phi Omega. He encouraged a number of his friends to pledge, and made the effort to bring them to events. His efforts contributed significantly to the size and quality of this semester's pledge class. His attempts to improve and increase the brotherhood are just another example of his leadership and initiative.

(not presented in Spring, 2003)

Lacey Neagle (K-1240) - December 6, 2003

This semester's winner of the Fellowship in Service award has fulfilled these criteria in spades. She has consistently demonstrated one of the most cheerful attitudes of anyone in the chapter and has made attending Alpha Phi Omega events a much more positive, fun and enjoyable experience for all those involved. Her ability to handle differences of opinion with a calm and kind demeanor has fostered trust and botherhood, and helped the chapter function as a more cohesive whole. Fundamentaly, her attitude and spirit are seen to embody the meaning of Fellowship as a Brother in APhiO, and for these reasons, Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is delighted to name Lacey Neagle winner of the Fall 2003 Fellowship in Service Award.

Scott Smith - May 1, 2004

This semester's winner of the Fellowship In Service Award joined Kappa in the Fall of 2003. Transferring colleges (and majors) can be a difficult ordeal, but this brother has a consistently and infectiously positive and cheerful attitude, and demonstrates an enthusiasm during service projects and a genuine compassion and desire to help people, which provides an excellent example for all. He took the initiative to develop and maintain a relationship with the Residence on 5th, adding an aspect of service that our chapter has not touched in recent history - working with the elderly. He organizes "fun with old folks," games and activities for brothers to do with the residents. And he is now working to start up a Relay for Life here at Carnegie Mellon, an instance of the American Cancer Society's biggest fundraiser and an enjoyable event involving a small army of people. The Chapter is fortunate to have this brother - his attitude gives service a fun and pleasant atmosphere, and for all of these reasons, Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is exceedingly pleased to name Scott Smith winner of the Spring 2004 Fellowship in Service Award.

Michael Klipper - December 11, 2004

Bridget Lewis - April 30, 2005

Savina Imrhan - December 9, 2005

The Fellowship in Service Award is given to a brother who continually works to make everyone attending a service or fellowship event comfortable and engaged. Throughout her time in the chapter, this brother has been active in engaging brothers at all chapter event. Her smile engages every brother, lifting hearts and bringing happiness everywhere she goes. This semester, the Fellowship in Service Award goes to Savina Irnham. Her continuously positive attitude has had great effect on the chapter so far, and her continued presence in the chapter.

Eli Gwynn - May 5, 2006

This brother is a continuous leader and friend. Every where he goes fellowship and fun follow. When ever there is an event in the chapter, from building the structure to cleaning concessions, if he is around fun is never far away. This brother has proven time and again his ability to bring happiness into the lives of all those around him. He constantly brings smiles to every situation and is a true example of Fellowship in Service. Not only does he make each brother feel happy and fun, he openly invites new potential members and makes visiting people feel not only welcome but a part of Kappa Chapter. This semester we gladly award the Fellowship in Service Award to Eli Gwynn.

Jenna Pragel - Dec 8, 2006

Corey Mays - May 4, 2007

Throughout his membership in this chapter, this brother has been a friendly and devoted member of Alpha Phi Omega. Always friendly and respectful, he has furthered the service projects of the fraternity by helping wherever possible. Whenever someone needs help he is willing to do what he can, he is present and good-natured at most events and he has taken an active role in committees and major events. Furthermore, he is consistently interested in getting to know his brothers and, though quietly, is open and welcoming to new members of the organization. His dedication to the chapter and to building a sense of brotherhood within the chapter makes him come to mind first and foremost when thinking of fellowship in service in Alpha Phi Omega. Kappa Chapter is proud to present the Fellowship in Service Award to Corey Mays.

Fall 2007?

Mark Levine - May, 2008

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