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About This Site


Thanks to the following for helping with the site in one way or another, most often by supplying missing information:
  • Randy Finder
  • Jonathan Dwork
  • The CMU Alumni House
(and of course everyone else who has helped whose name I neglected to record, for that I apologize)

This site was designed from the beginning to be as accessible as possible, sacrificing bells and whistles at times to ensure that everyone can reach the information it provides. It was created using GNU Emacs and GNU m4 with all of the pieces being held together by GNU Make. These and many other software packages are available for free thanks to the efforts of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation.

This web site is maintained by Tom Strong (K-1030) <tomstrong@gmail.com>. Please send him any suggestions, comments, updates, or corrections you may have for it.

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