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Family Tree

Family Tree

The main content of this page is the family tree I am working on. I maintain the tree using software called Reunion on the Mac, then I periodically upload an extract from that to here, stripping out most of the details for living persons along the way. That uploaded extract will change periodically, usually without notice. I do not recommend linking to any page beyond this one as links may break with the next upload.

The extract from Reunion is here

Other Family Trees

I also have family trees in a few other places, no two of them exactly match. Some of these may require that the viewer have an account, others are public.


Here is my tree on myheritage.com


Here is my profile on ancestry.com and the family tree linked from there


On familysearch.org there is one large shared tree but it excludes living persons, the links to my parents in that tree are Joycelyn Grace Sessi and Thomas William Strong - this will at least give a reasonable entry point.


Wikitree.com is another shared tree, this is my page on there

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