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Enda Lechauhanne

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Patch Listings

I hope to eventually collect examples of all of the patches issued by the lodges I'm collecting, but until I can afford to seriously go after that goal, I'll settle for trying to get pictures of the patches that I can't get. To this end, I have started to assemble collections of pictures from the Wagion (006B), Kuwewanik (057A), Kiasutha (057B), Enda Lechauhanne (057C), Anicus (067A), Tanacharison (067B), Sagamore (130A), Scaraouady (130B), Chimalus (242A), and Shingis (497A) Lodges. Those lodges (plus Susquehannock (011A)) are the lodges that I am interested in collecting, the reason that I don't have Susquehannock on that list is because there is already a page that covers that lodge.

Technical Notes

All of the patches on this site were scanned at 150 dpi to a tiff file, then reduced to a medium quality jpeg at 66% scaling in Photoshop. The thumbnails were done from the same master file, except that they were reduced to a width of 100 pixels regardless of their original size and the quality was increased to high. The height to width proportion was maintained in each case.
Some of the patches (in particular the chenile patches) came out rather strange when scanned - be careful making judgements about the colors of the patches based on the scans on this site.
If anyone has patches from these lodges that are not pictured on this site, first off I am very interested in acquiring them to fill gaps in my collection, but even if you are not planning to trade or sell the patch I would still appreciate a picture of it. If you have the ability to scan the patch my first choice would be a 150 dpi tiff file, with a second choice being a 150 dpi jpeg at the highest possible quality setting. If you do not have the facilities to scan the patches then please contact me and we may be able to work something out.
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