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Enda Lechauhanne

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Sagamore (130A) Patches

This is still an early prototype of a patch listing page/site.
Lodge ID Issue Brdr Col Brdr Type Back Col Name Col FDL Col Comments Image
130A C-01 WHT PUR REC; type 6A No image
130A C-02a WHT RED arrowhead; WAB; type 6.5 label No image
130A C-02b WHT RED type 7 label No image
130A C-02c WHT RED type 8c label; U shaped nose No image
130A C-02d WHT RED type 8c label; M shaped nose No image
130A C-02e WHT RED type 8b label No image
130A F-01 RED C ORG BLK FF No image
130A F-02a RED R ORG BLK LB; 3 BLK lines in bonnet; 53x118 mm; TLR No image
130A F-02b RED R ORG BLK LB; 3 BLK lines in bonnet; 53x118 mm; TLM No image
130A F-03 RED R ORG BLK rounded sides & bottom; 55x116; 4 BLK lines in bonnet No image
130A N-01 RED WHT EMB; chief, arrow & name No image
130A N-02 WHT RED SSC No image
130A N-03 BLK P WHT BLK SSC No image
130A S-01 ORG R M/C BLK GRN headband; possible stitchbreak; may be one of a kind No image
130A S-02 ORG R M/C BLK WHT headband No image
130A S-03 YEL R M/C BLK No image
130A ZC-01 WHT RED copy of C2 with type 9A label No image
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