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Kuwewanik (057A) Patches

This is still an early prototype of a patch listing page/site.
Lodge ID Issue Brdr Col Brdr Type Back Col Name Col FDL Col Comments Image
057A C-01a RED BLK type 6A; BLK backing No image
057A C-01b RED BLK WHT backing; no label No image
057A C-01c RED BLK WHT backing; SPC 3.5 No image
057A L-01 RED RED arrow behind "K" No image
057A N-01 BLU RED EMB No image
057A N-02 WHT RED EMB WWW; BLK circle; cut out squirrel chenille on silk No image
057A N-03.5 DYL BLK EMB; No image
057A N-03.6 RED WHT EMB; chainstitched name No image
057A N-03 RED WHT EMB; "Area 3F" No image
057A N-04.5 LYL RED EMB with R4 No image
057A N-04 WHT handpainted R4-6 design No image
057A N-05 GRN SSC; "Indian Dance Team" "57" No image
057A N-06 RED SSC No image
057A N-07a GRN P RED BLK SSC; outlined leaves No image
057A N-07b GRN P RED BLK SSC; thick letters; almost solid leaves No image
057A R-00.5 RED BLK RED felt squirrel on BLK felt; oval eye; 83mm RND (1935) No image
057A R-01a RED BLK RED felt squirrel on BLK felt; round eye; type 2-B; DRD backing; (1938) No image
057A R-01b RED BLK no label; WHT gauze back No image
057A R-02 DOR BLK DOR felt squirrel on BLK felt; BLK line for nose No image
057A R-03 RED BLK felt; EMB RED squirrel; (1943) No image
057A R-04.5 RED R WHT felt; VER EMB squirrel; non marrowed R/E (1947) No image
057A R-04a WHT WHT felt; VER EMB squirrel; WAB; tag from pupil to left of eye socket(1947) No image
057A R-04b WHT WHT pupil has no tags and does not touch socket; DGR leaves No image
057A R-04c WHT WHT GRN leaves; fuzzy branch below squirrel’s paws No image
057A R-04d WHT WHT GRN leaves have no median marks No image
057A R-04e WHT WHT no RED dashes at bottom of tail No image
057A R-05a WHT WHT felt; HOR EMB squirrel;leaf under tail has BRN stem; OLV leaves; curved pupil in eye; OLV leaves No image
057A R-05b WHT WHT straight pupil in eye; GRN leaves; OLV leaves No image
057A R-05c WHT WHT OLV leaves; thin ears No image
057A R-05d WHT WHT GRN leaves No image
057A R-06 WHT WHT felt; HOR EMB squirrel; leaf under tail has GRN stem No image
057A S-02a RED C WHT GRN thin letters; 2mm bdr. No image
057A S-02b RED C WHT GRN Thick letters; 3mm bdr.
057A S-03 GRN R M/C DYL A.R.
057A S-04a GRN R M/C DYL A.L.; RED squirrel and top color of bkgd
057A S-04b GRN R M/C DYL ROR squirrel and top color of bkgd No image
057A YC-01 BLK BLK No image
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