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I decided it was time to put my patch collecting page back up, so here it is. So far I've got the beginning of my want lists and duplicate lists back up, and I've started to add images of all of the patches that I can find from Wagion (006B), Kuwewanik (057A), Kiasutha (057B), Enda Lechauhanne (057C), Anicus (067A), Tanacharison (067B), Sagamore (130A), Scaraouady (130B), Chimalus (242A), and Shingis (497A) Lodges. Those are the lodges that I am interested in (plus Susquehannock (011A) but there is already a page that covers that lodge) since they are the lodges that are or were within the borders of Greater Pittsburgh Council, plus Wagion which belongs to our neighbors in Westmoreland-Fayette.
In addition to the Order of the Arrow patches I am also working on a complete council strip name collection plus a collection of all of the issues from keystone Area Council, Westmoreland-Fayette Council, Greater Pittsburgh Council, and the concils that merged to form them.
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