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K-1187 - Kevin Patrick Haughwout

Life Member # 18966
Born (date) in (location) [Obscured on the web for privacy]
Arrived at CMU 1998
Majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2002
Scouting: Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow
Other activities: Scotch ’n’ Soda, AB Tech
Initiated December 4, 1998, Joseph F. Kuchta Pledge Class
BS Mechanical Engineering, CMU, Dec. 2002
Big Brother: DeWitt Talmadge Latimer, IV K-1112
Big Brother: Heather Hampton Devine K-1164
Little Brother: Matthew Jeremy McGrath K-1194
Little Brother: Tsz Fung Albert Li K-1207
Little Brother: Matthew Thomas Fagan K-1216
Little Brother: Elizabeth Grace Durfee K-1221
Little Brother: Jacqueline Ann Kirchhoff K-1227
Little Brother: Jaclyn Marie Madden K-1238
Little Brother: Ashley Nicole President K-1247

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