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K-0761 - David Paul Michael O’Leary

Life Member # 9792
Born (date) [Obscured on the web for privacy]
Class of 1987
Scouting: Boy Scout, Order of the Arrow, received District Award of Merit
Initiated December 2, 1983, Dr. R. L. Brittain Pledge Class
Big Brother: Charles Patrick Lawton K-0702
Little Brother: Brenda Margaret-Anne Frandina K-0772
Little Brother: Maureen Ann Stempkowski K-0785
Little Brother: Mark D. Abramowitz K-0793
Little Brother: John Eric "Eric" Baldeschwieler K-0797
Little Brother: Dana Lynn Hausman K-0813
Little Brother: Loretta Therese Dorn K-0867
Little Brother: Karl Martin "Fritz" Mueller K-0896A
Little Brother: Graham Laurence Potter K-0916
Little Brother: Stephen Brent Peters K-0947
National Scouting & Youth Services Committee Chairman from (when did he start?) until (current). Dave received the National Distinguished Service Key on December 30, 2002 at the 2002 National Convention and the Silver Beaver from the Central New Jersey Council of the BSA in 2003. Dave is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor recipient in the Order of the Arrow.

dave o'leary: A Short History

by David Svoboda, written ca. 1992
dave o'leary has been one of the most influential brothers in Alpha Phi Omega. He was born in Fairbanks, Al. on January 11, 1965 and grew up in Maine. He entered CMU as a freshman in '83, majoring in MEMS/EPP. In his first semester, he walked into the A Phi O office and said "Hi, I hear you guys are related to Scouting". He pledged that semester and had been involved with A Phi O continuously until the Spring semester of '89. During his involvement with A Phi O, he held the offices of Fellowship VP and Pledgemaster for the Carl J. Long pledge class (in Spring of '85). He ran the C-Book continuously from '84 to '87 and also ran Cleanup in Schenley Park. He was most influential in his activities related to Scouting, some of which were Scouting for Food, First Aid Meet, and Scout Day in Schenley Park. He had 9 little brothers, including advisor Mark Abromowitz, former president Graham Potter, and current brother Steve Peters. In addition to A Phi O, he was also involved with several groups including the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society and most importantly, the Boy Scouts of America. At the pledging and initiation ceremonies dave o'leary would regularly don his scout uniform, in lieu of the formal suits worn by the other brothers and pledges. While he was a student he worked for DataCom. After two years he became a part-time student and began working as a communications technician for the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. In September of '89, 3 years before his intended graduation date, he left CMU and moved to Vermont for 3 months. He now lives in Maryland and is the Network Operations Manager for the Regional Education Network. He plans to continue his involvement with Scouting and acquire his bachelor's degree.

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