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K-0130 - Allison Henderson Chapin, Jr.

Born March 21, 1921 in Flushing, NY
Arrived at CMU 1939
Majoring in Industrial Management
Class of 1943
Scouting: Joined 1939, Eagle Scout, helped organize Rockville troop, Assoc. JASM
Other activities: Delta Upsilon, Bandhu Church Club (VP), Wrestling, Track, Cross Country, Technical
Initiated December 14, 1941
Passed away February 20, 1945 in India Burma Area
Killed in WWII

Joined US Army March 31, 1943. Served as a First Lieutenant in the 2086th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon in Bhamo, Burma. Died February 20, 1945 in the India Burma area. He qualified for the World War II Victory Medal and the Honorable Service Lapel Button.

Most of his military records were lost in a fire in 1973 so very few details are known. Other information regarding the unit: On 22 January 1945 the 2086th Aviation Fire Fighters arrived at the Sahmaw, Burma air strip - 60 miles southeast of Myitkyina supporting the 33rd Fighter Group's P-38 and P-47 aircraft.

The Spring, 2005 pledge class was named in his memory

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