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K-0022 - W. Howard Sprenkle

Born September 26, 1910 in Carrick, PA
Arrived at CMU 1928
Majoring in Mechanical, Aeronautics
Class of 1932
Scouting: 2nd Class, Troop 21, Pittsburgh
Other activities: Phi Delta Tau, Demolay Club
Initiated March 16, 1930
BS 1932 ME CIT
MS 1933 ME CIT
Passed away May 9, 1985 in Glastonbury, CT
William Howard Sprenkle began his professional career at the General Motors Proving Grounds in Lansing, Michigan, and was involved in the development of the automatic transmission at Buick. He then worked for many years at the Pratt & Whitney Divison of United Aircraft in East Hartford, CT, serving as Quality Manager for much of his career. He was awarded Patent #2,501,030 on March 21, 1950 for "Electrical Restraining Devices for Free-flow Piston Units". During his retirement he served in the Retired Executive Volunteer Corps in Taiwan, developing a Quality Control program for the island. He was President of the School Board in Andover, CT for several years. He was married to Elisabeth McPherson McKee of Oakmont, PA until her death in 1969. He later married Lenore Rock of Pittsburgh, PA. He had two sons: Peter McKee Sprenkle, of Boulder, CO and Robert McKee Sprenkle of Hurst, TX.

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