United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


National Pledge


National Anthem

The national anthem is "God Save the Queen (King)"
God save our gracious Queen, 
Long live our noble Queen, 
God save the Queen! 
Send her victorious, 
Happy and glorious, 
Long to reign over us, 
God save the Queen! 
O lord God arise, 
Scatter our enemies, 
And make them fall! 
Confound their knavish tricks, 
Confuse their politics, 
On you our hopes we fix, 
God save the Queen! 
Not in this land alone, 
But be God's mercies known, 
From shore to shore! 
Lord make the nations see, 
That men should brothers be, 
And form one family, 
The wide world ov'er 
From every latent foe, 
From the assasins blow, 
God save the Queen! 
O'er her thine arm extend, 
For Britain's sake defend, 
Our mother, prince, and friend, 
God save the Queen! 
Thy choicest gifts in store, 
On her be pleased to pour, 
Long may she reign! 
May she defend our laws, 
And ever give us cause, 
To sing with heart and voice, 
God save the Queen!

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